THE FANDOM ZONE 121: "Girls Night Out" is Up!

"You're a Doctor Who fan, Joanie?"
"Well, ever since he became a lady, I am.  Hashtag Feminism."
– Joe West and Joanie Horton,The Flash: "Girls Night Out"

That's right, Karen's back to join me for a HUGE new episode of The Fandom Zone Podcast!  So huge, in fact, we're splitting it up into two parts!  This week's reviews of comics on television include:

The Walking Dead 8x03: "Monsters"
Lucifer 3x06: "Vegas with Some Radish"
The Gifted 1x06: "got your siX"
Supergirl 3x05: "Damage"

The Flash 4x05: "Girls Night Out"
Legends of Tomorrow 3x05: "Return of the Mack"
Arrow 6x05: "Deathstroke Returns"
Gotham 4x08: "Stop Hitting Yourself"

In this episode, Karen and I talk about things like Karen's trip to Florida to visit her hubs' side of the family, Gregory being the weaseliest of weasels, me getting some Twitter love from Enid, Eric getting a better exit on TV than he did in the Walking Dead comics, trying to brace everyone for Shiva's death, Rick making a scrapbook for Negan, Lucifer giving Chloe the bullet she shot him with in Season 1, Ella ditching her CSI clothes for a hot dress, Ella hiring a stripper cop for Chloe's birthday, Lucifer's wall safe access code, Jace not feeling the usual Sentinel Services bureaucracy, Caitlin's character backslide into Helicopter Mom, figuring out the Strucker family tree, the importance of X-Men comics writer Chris Claremont, Alex and Maggie's big breakup, Karen's Drunk Lena Luthor impression, paying attention to the physics of Supergirl holding up an airplane, fun with lenticular comics covers, Iris' bachelorette party and Barry's bachelor party, Katee Sackhoff as Blacksmith, Elongated Man being given Plastic Man's personality, Rip Hunter: Vampire Hunter, Damien Darhk's resurrection, Zari not being able to use her superhero name anymore, the big nothing burger of the Vigilante's identity, wondering why Oliver is overlooking that Deathstroke killed Oliver's mom and a whole bunch of people, Harvey Bullock sliding into the darker shade of grey, Tabitha's reunion with Solomon Grundy, that awkward moment when Solomon Grundy beats you to death with your own arm, some new Justina feedback, Karen trolling Jodie Whittaker's Thirteenth Doctor costume, and more!

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Be sure to come back next week as Karen and I review the series premiere of Netflix's The Punisher, along with new episodes of AMC's The Walking Dead, The CW's The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow, and Fox's The Gifted, Lucifer and Gotham, right here on The Fandom Zone Podcast!