GHOSTWOOD 023: "Listen to the Sounds, Part 2" is Up!

"Watch and listen to the dream of time and space."
-- Margaret "The Log Lady" Lanterman to Tommy "Hawk" Hill, Twin Peaks: "The Return, Part 10"

It is happening again...My co-host with the most Xan Sprouse and I are back with a new episode of Ghostwood: The Twin Peaks Podcast!  This time, we review the score album Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series Original Soundtrack from the 2017 Showtime revival of Twin Peaks, released on September 8, 2017 from Rhino Entertainment!


In our latest episode, Xan and I discuss things like the length of an album mattering once again because of the vinyl resurgence, Columbus record stores, soundtrack nerds needing to check out vinyl, David Lynch slowing down the Muddy Magnolias to Creepy Mode, not considering "Laura Palmer's Theme" a love theme, Harry Dean Stanton vs. Richard Dean Anderson, Angelo Badalamenti making his new Twin Peaks music nostalgic for the original series without being a slave to it, Lucy punishing Andy when she was pregnant, pinning murders on Deputy Chad, the most beautiful movie in the world, the atomic bomb horror of World War II, Xan loving the '30s, the Fireman putting out the fire of BOB, being considerate to the employees of the real life Double R Diner, Leslie Jones live-tweeting Game of Thrones, Laura's final scream at the end of "The Return", missing tracks that should've been included, Xan and I staying up late to watch Stranger Things Season 2, Xan having the sheet music to the Twin Peaks theme, paying tribute to the late Brent Briscoe, Xan's trip to Australiaand more!

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Be sure to come back in two weeks as Xan and I "listen to the sounds" once again and review the CD Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series Original Soundtrack from the Showtime revival of Twin Peaks!  Look for more of Ghostwood: The Twin Peaks Podcast on iTunes, YouTube, Libsyn, and the official Southgate Media Group website!
Posted on November 2, 2017 .