Final JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer Teases Superman's Return

Even Batman knows that the world needs Superman.

Just in time for New York Comic Con 2017, Warner Bros. dropped the final trailer for Justice League this morning, teasing the return of Henry Cavill as Superman after Cavill's character died at the end of last year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The three-minute trailer opens with Superman's love, Lois Lane (Amy Adams), standing on the front porch of the Kent farm in Smallville, Kansas as familiar piano notes from Hans Zimmer's Man of Steel theme begin to play.  She sees Clark Kent standing in the middle of cornfield, waving his hand across the cornstalks.  Clark turns around as Lois approaches him, remarking "I'll take that as a yes."  Lois is confused by the statement, so Clark clarifies, "The ring."

We flash back to Lois' hand at the end of Batman v Superman, where she's seen wearing Clark's engagement ring as she drops a small clump of dirt on Clark's grave.  Lois suddenly wakes up, realizing it was a dream, and she reaches out to Clark's empty side of their bed.

A TV news report states, "The world remains in mourning after the death of Superman.  Violence, acts of war, and terrorism are all on the rise."  This is followed by fleeting shots of a Superman memorial banner adorning the Tower Bridge in London and a stack of Daily Planet newspapers with the large headline "World Without Hope".

"I had a dream," begins a voiceover from Batman (Ben Affleck) as we see a set of explosions startling schoolchildren and a swarm of Parademons attacking Paradise Island.  "It was the end of the world."

Suddenly, the New God called Steppenwolf (CiarĂ¡n Hinds) thunders down from the heavens with a forceful blow as we begin to hear a cover of David Bowie's classic song "Heroes" by the band Gang of Youths.  "I think it's something more..." continues Batman.  "Something darker."

We see Commissioner Gordon (J.K. Simmons) switching on the Bat Signal, followed by a voiceover from Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) telling Batman, "You're asking people we don't know to risk their lives."

"A strong man is strongest alone," remarks Bruce Wayne to the other Leaguers.  "You ever heard that?  That's not the saying.  That's the opposite of what the saying is."  We see various images of the Justice League members in action, as Bruce continues, "Divided, we are not enough."

Bruce is shown staring at a hologram of Superman as the voiceover continues.  "The world needs Superman.  I made him a promise.  This is why I brought you together."

We then see Aquaman (Jason Momoa) in the middle of a mid-air battle with Parademons, even though he can't fly.  As he falls, he's suddenly caught by Cyborg (Ray Fisher), who's able to fly thanks to his jet boots.  "The ride ain't over yet," Cyborg says to Aquaman.

Aquaman replies "My man!" with a smile as Cyborg hurls him back at the Parademons.  Various images of the Justice League fighting the Parademons follow.

In the final scene, Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) geeks out over seeing the Bat Signal.  "Oh!  Awesome!" he says excitedly to Bruce before catching himself and speaking in a quieter tone.  "That's the Bat Signal!  That's your--Oh, Shhh!  Sorry, that's your signal that means we have to go now."

Bruce glances over at Barry with look of exasperation.  "Yeah, that's...that's what that means."

"It's so cool!" Barry replies with exuberance as Bruce looks over at Diana Prince for sympathy.

If you'd like to view the final trailer, you can check it out below thanks to the official Warner Bros. Pictures account on YouTube...

Justice League
arrives in theaters on November 17, 2017.

Posted on October 8, 2017 .