Wizard World Columbus 2017: Day One Photos

The first day of Wizard World Columbus 2017 inside the Greater Columbus Convention Center was pretty subdued.  Even though most people seem to be attending only on Saturday, there was a decent-sized crowd for what was essentially half a day at another typically overpriced Wizard World convention.  There were only a few celebrities around -- Barry Bostwick and Lou Ferrigno to name a couple -- so I spent most of the afternoon taking advantage of the smaller crowd to plug holes in my comic book collection.

As always, I managed to get some photos from inside the convention...Hope you enjoy them!

Caliban from the movie Logan

John Constantine flashes his business card (for reals).  He really should change it from Master of the Dark Arts to Petty Dabbler 'cause he hates to put on airs.

Great Scott!  It's Barry Bostwick from The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

W is for Wonder Woman and Wild Dog

It's bad enough that John Wick's dog was killed, but stuffing it into his suit pocket?

If you'd like to see more pics from Wizard World Columbus, I've set up an album on my Facebook page HERE.  On to Day Two!