First Trailer for Netflix's MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 Gives Us Movie Sign

Worried about the MST3K revival?  You should really just relax.

Netflix has released the first trailer for their revival of Mystery Science Theater 3000, the classic sci-fi comedy series that originally aired on KTMA in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1988 before being picked up by The Comedy Channel/Comedy Central and later The Sci-Fi Channel.  Starring Joel Hodgson and later Michael J. Nelson, the series ran for ten seasons of 197 episodes, and included the feature film Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie before ending in 1997.

The first 40-second trailer brings back the cheesy production value goodness from the original series and introduces us to Jonah Ray as Jonah Heston, Felicia Day as Kinga Forrester (daughter of original mad scientist Dr. Clayton Forrester) and Patton Oswalt as TV's Son of TV's Frank.

We see Kinga Forrester and TV's Son of TV's Frank luring Jonah Heston's ship to Moonbase 13 under the pretense of needing help.  As Jonah lands and starts wondering what's going on when he sees the text "DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ADJUST THE PICTURE. WE ARE CONTROLLING TRANSMISSION" (a nod to the classic sci-fi TV series The Outer Limits), Kinga's voice chimes in.

"You speak to I, Kinga Forrester," she proclaims, "commander of the Moon 13 Research Station.  I am reopening my family's most legendary experiment, Mystery Science Theater 3000."

Next we see a hazmat suited figure call out "Movie in the hole!" as a vat of something with a movie poster of the 1961 movie Reptilicus is emptied out.  Jonah is dropped into the theater with our old friends Crow T. Robot (voiced by Hampton Yount) and Tom Servo (voiced by Baron Vaughn).

We see fleeting images of Jonah and the 'Bots partying with bubbles, a giant female robot shooting lasers from her breasts, and Tom Servo hovering next to the mouth of a naked woman in dark sunglasses standing behind two conveniently placed screens.  Finally, we hear a bit of Crow's new voice as he tells Jonah, "You are not my real father, mister!"

If you'd like to check out the trailer, you can view it below thanks to Netflix US and Canada's official YouTube account...

Mystery Science Theater 3000
will be released Friday, April 14th on Netflix.