NEXT STOP EVERYWHERE 047: "Heaven Sent" is Up!

"If you think because she’s dead I’m weak, then you understand very little.  If you were any part of killing her and you’re not afraid, then you understand nothing at all.  So for your own sake, understand this -- I’m the Doctor.  I’m coming to find you.  And I will never, ever stop."
-- The Twelfth Doctor, Doctor Who: "Heaven Sent"

After another frustrating posting delay, my good friend and co-host Jesse Jackson are back with another episode of Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast!

This time, Jesse and I discuss things like my childhood trauma of losing original Marvel Star Wars comics in a basement flood, pimping the Next Stop Everywhere t-shirt, wondering why the Azbantium wall didn't reset, millions of Doctor skulls, the Bootstrap Paradox of the Doctor's clothes, why the Confession Dial trap was designed to torture the Doctor, Jesse not recognizing the Capitol on Gallifrey, why the Doctor considers each of his companions to be his best friend, the Grimm fairy tale "The Shepherd Boy," the Doctor going home the long way around, wondering how Ashildr is connected with whoever trapped the Doctor, more of the Hybrid mystery, my theory on how Missy is involved, how to start watching Babylon 5, my Reverse the Polarity segment, David Tennant as Kilgrave the Purple Man on Jessica Jones, and more!

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Posted on December 3, 2015 .