NEXT STOP EVERYWHERE 046: "Face the Raven" is Up!

"You.  Now, you listen to me.  You're going to be alone now, and you're very bad at that. You're going to be furious and you're going to be sad, but listen to me.  Don't let this change you.  No, listen -- Whatever happens next...Wherever she is sending you, I know what you're capable of.  You don't need to be a warrior.  Promise me.  Be a Doctor."

"What's the point of being a Doctor if I can't cure you?"

-- Clara Oswald and the Twelfth Doctor, Doctor Who: "Face the Raven"

After a slight recording delay due to Jesse's latest convention attendance, my good friend and co-host Jesse Jackson are back with another episode of Next Stop Everywhere: The Doctor Who Podcast, recorded on Doctor Who's 52nd anniversary!

This time, Jesse and I discuss things like the wacky idea of me hosting NSE once in a while, the 52nd anniversary, my earlier failed efforts to convert Jesse into a Doctor Who fan, Starman and Ex Machina artist Tony Harris, more of Jesse's Set Lusting Bruce podcast, why "Face the Raven" feels a little bit like "Utopia," the Doctor Who version of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter, Clara being too much of an adrenaline junkie, wondering how Ashildr ended up as a mayor of a trap street sheltering aliens, Clara getting herself killed due to her own arrogance and stupidity, the Doctor being detached and gathering data, the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Yesterday's Enterprise," more of the theory that the Doctor is going back in time to see Clara after she diedmy Reverse the Polarity segment, Jesse's determination to get me on Set Lusting Bruce, and more!

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Posted on November 26, 2015 .