Arthur Darvill Wants a DOCTOR WHO Companion Reunion...Someday

Believe it or not, It's been three years already since Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan's characters Rory Williams and Amy Pond/Williams were stranded decades into the past at the end of the Doctor Who Series Seven episode "The Angels Take Manhattan."

According to a new Radio Times article, however, Darvill is up for a reunion.  It just might take...well...another 37 years.

"We should come back in forty years," the actor said.  "We could all come back and do a sort of geriatric reunion."

It seems Darvill has been doing some thinking about a story idea for a companion reunion, whenever it actually happens.  "I’ve got written an episode in my head where all the companions go into therapy together, and do like a big group therapy session," added Darvill.  "It’s a really sort of dark, depressing episode of Doctor Who, but I think it’d help them out a lot."

It's not a bad premise, considering all the near-death (or occasional death and resurrection) experiences the Doctor's various companions have had during his thirteen incarnations. And of course, actors returning to their Doctor Who companions roles after decades away is certainly nothing new, considering Elisabeth Sladen returned to Doctor Who in 2006 as Sarah Jane Smith after leaving the TARDIS in 1976's "The Hand of Fear."  Not to mention all the Classic Who actors reprising their roles for Big Finish audios these days...

In the meantime though, Darvill will be traveling through time in a different way, playing DC Comics time master Rip Hunter on the CW series Legends of Tomorrow.  "There are gonna be comparisons, because it’s a show about time travel, and we do go to different periods in time," remarked Darvill.  "And when I got offered it, that was a big concern.  But because my role in it is so different to the role I played in Doctor Who, it doesn’t feel like repeating anything.  It’s a totally different challenge to me."

"I don’t think you can do a time-travelling thing without referencing Doctor Who or Back to the Future," he added.  "This definitely puts a new spin on it."

Posted on August 31, 2015 .