Chris Hemsworth Reprises Thor for SNL AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Sketch

What happens when the Avengers celebrate their inevitable victory over Ultron on live TV?

That was the joke premise of the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie sketch on last night's Saturday Night Live, hosted by Thor and Avengers star Chris Hemsworth.  Reprising his role of the Marvel Comics superhero Thor for the three-minute, forty-second sketch, Hemsworth was joined by SNL regulars Taran Killam (Iron Man), Beck Bennett (Captain America), Pete Davidson (Bruce Banner) and Jay Pharoah (Nick Fury).  (In an interesting aside, Killam is married to actress Cobie Smulders, who played Maria Hill in The Avengers.)

This was the second major Avengers sketch for SNL, after Jeremy Renner reprised Hawkeye back in 2012.

Opening with Cecily Strong as an Action News 7 anchorwoman named Janet reporting on the breaking news of Ultron's defeat, the sketch jumps to onsite reporter named Danny Powell (Bobby Moynihan) covering the Avengers' celebration of their victory.

Hemsworth's Thor begins high-fiving the crowd behind him, whooping with joy, until Danny asks him to speak on camera.  Thor begins singing "We Are the Champions" by Queen until Danny asks him how he's feeling.  "Man, I am on pure adrenaline right now," replies Thor, "I'm at, like, an eleven!  I'm cranked up!  Woooooo!"  Thor then spotantaneously kisses Powell hard on the forehead but quickly apologizes for it being weird.

Killam's Iron Man steps in and grabs the microphone, joking about someone having a car with its lights on and a building on top of it.  Davidson's Bruce Banner comes into view next, wondering what happened while he was The Hulk.  Thor tells Bruce "You crushed it, man," which makes Bruce suddenly recall "I think I ate a guy."  "You did!" laughs Thor.  "You ate a bunch of guys, you nut!"

Thor begins doing the Running Man dance until Pharoah's Nick Fury is brought on camera. Fury tells Danny that Ultron does not still pose a threat, until Thor and Iron Man sneak up behind Fury and dump a cooler of Gatorade on him.  Thor tells everyone that it was "Stark's idea."

Bennett's Captain America arrives to speak to the Action News 7 viewers, telling them to stay in their homes per the New York mayor's order because many buildings are unsafe and fires are not yet contained.  Thor, however, can't help but mock Captain America's serious tone from behind.

When asked by Janet about the extent of the damage and when people might return to their homes, Danny responds that he doesn't know but says that Thor told him that the victory party will be held at a Dave & Busters on 9th Street and there might be some late-night karaoke.

Thor then gives a shoutout to his brother Loki, acknowledging the two have had their differences in the past when Loki tried to take over the world, but he still loves him anyway. He then does another shoutout to his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster, telling her "How do you like me now?! Ooooo!"  Lastly, Thor tells everyone to check out his podcast on Soundcloud.  "It's sick!  Sick, sick, sick...Oh, and I'm sorry we destroyed the city.  I love my life!  Wooooo!"

If you'd like to check out the full sketch, you can view it below thanks to BroBible after the short ad...