A.K.A. JESSICA JONES Casts Mike Colter as Luke Cage

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After recent rumors hinted at the possibility, Marvel has officially confirmed that their upcoming Netflix series A.K.A. Jessica Jones has cast Mike Colter as Luke Cage.  Colter joins Krysten Ritter, who plays the title role in the 13-episode series.

"During the course of an investigation in New York City," states the article, "private investigator Jessica Jones encounters the enigmatic Luke Cage – a man whose past has secrets that will dramatically alter Jessica in ways she could never have imagined."

The 38-year-old actor may be best known for his 2004 role as boxer Big Willie Little in the film Million Dollar Baby.  In addition, Colter has had roles in the films Zero Dark Thirty, Men in Black 3 and Salt, and guest appearances on the television series American Horror Story: Coven, Criminal Minds, The Following, The Good Wife and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

"Mike embodies the strength, edge and depth of Luke Cage," said executive producer/showrunner Melissa Rosenberg.  "We're excited to have him bring this iconic Marvel character to life."

"Fans have longed to see Luke Cage brought and in Mike we’ve found the perfect actor," added Jeph Loeb, executive producer/Marvel's head of television. "Viewers will get to meet Luke Cage in ‘Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones,’ and experience why he is such an important superhero in the Marvel mythos."

Created in 1972 by Archie Goodwin and John Romita, Sr., Luke Cage first appeared in Hero for Hire #1 as a blaxploitation character called Carl Lucas, who is betrayed by his best friend Willis Stryker and sent to prison after being framed for heroin possession.  While serving his term at Seagate Prison, Lucas is recruited by Dr. Noah Burstein, a research scitentist, as a volunteer for experimental cell regeneration based on a version of the Super-Soldier process.

A sadistic prison guard alters the controls, hoping to kill Lucas, but ends up giving him superhuman strength and durability.  Lucas uses his new power to escape Seagate, then heads back to New York, taking on the alias Luke Cage and adopting a career as a superhero for hire.
After later proving his innocence, Cage maintained a long partnership with martial artist Iron Fist before becoming romantically involved with Jessica Jones and joining the New Avengers.  Luke and Jessica eventually had a daughter together, Danielle Cage, and later married.

A.K.A. Jessica Jones airs sometime in 2015 on Netflix.

Posted on December 22, 2014 .