Sylvester McCoy Knows The Next Master on DOCTOR WHO

Timing malfunction...The Master!  He's out there...

Rumors of The Master's return to Doctor Who after a four-year absence continue to grow, with a former Doctor apparently providing confirmation.  According to the Doctor Who news site Kasterborous, Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy provided some intriguing news about the Doctor's "best enemy" while appearing today at the Newcastle Film and Comic Con.

McCoy, it seems, has been told the name of the actor playing the next incarnation of The Master and according to him, the new Master will be "very, very scary."

This promising news follows earlier rumors that Game of Thrones actor Charles Dance, 67, who plays patriarch Tywin Lannister, has already been cast in the role of The Seventh Master.  In a completely unconfirmed list of episodes breaking down Peter Capaldi's first season in Series Eight, Dance's name appears as part of Episode 12, the Series Eight finale.  The episode is described in the breakdown as follows:

8.12  ‘Master and Commander (rumoured)’
The return of the Master and consequently the Time Lords. It's believed the Master is now the [Lord] President and will be played by esteemed British actor Charles Dance.

If this information turns out to be true, Dance would be the eighth actor to play the role on Doctor Who, after Roger Delgado, Peter Pratt & Geoffrey Beevers (playing the same incarnation), Anthony Ainley, Eric Roberts, Sir Derek Jacobi, and John Simm.  This will be The Master's first appearance since "The End of Time, Part Two" on January 1, 2010.

Posted on March 8, 2014 .