SHERLOCK's John Watson to Marry Mary in Series 3?

I can't imagine many "Johnlock" shippers are pleased about this...

With the third series of the BBC's Sherlock finally beginning on October 31st in the UK, speculation continues that Martin Freeman's character Dr. John Watson will marry his literary love Mary Morstan in the series' second episode, "The Sign of Three."  The episode written by Steve Thompson is presumably based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes novel The Sign of Four, first published in 1890, which introduces Morstan and has her becoming engaged to Dr. Watson. 

Actress Amanda Abbington has been cast in "The Sign of Three" and is reportedly sworn to secrecy in an undisclosed role, but her real-life romantic involvement with Freeman makes it likely that she is indeed playing Mary Morstan.  In addition, Abbington was photographed back in April wearing a wedding dress during the filming, which fits in with the August 2012 teaser that the second episode for Series 3 involved a "wedding."  However, having Watson meet Morstan and marry her all in the same episode seems a bit rushed to seem plausible.

The site KpopStarz posted quotes from Abbington about the filming of "The Sign of Three."  "Working with Martin on Sherlock is really quite inspiring," said Abbington, "'cause he's so good at his job.  And he and [Benedict Cumberbatch] have this fantastic chemistry.  Coming into Sherlock, you have to up your game 'cause they're so good together."

According to the article, Freeman and Abbington met on the set of 2000's Men Only and have two children together, but remain unmarried.

Posted on June 27, 2013 .