SNL Hungers for a Decent WALKING DEAD Sketch

In the zombie apocalypse, the fear of being considered racist is more important than the fear of the undead.

Yes, that was the so-called joke premise of Saturday Night Live's parody sketch of AMC's The Walking Dead that aired last night.  Featuring comedian Kevin Hart as host, the episode aired a nearly four-minute sketch with SNL regulars Bill Hader (Daryl Dixon), Taran Killam (Rick Grimes), Nasim Pedrad (Carl Grimes) and Kate McKinnon (Maggie Greene).

The sketch opens with the group on the move but stopping for a night's rest.  "All right, we'll camp out here for the night and head back for the others in the morning," begins Rick.  "Be careful, this place is probably crawling with walkers."

"Dad, you want me to take first watch?" offers Carl.  "I'm twelve now, so I'm totally ready to kill.  I'm good at killing and I feel emotionally fine after I do it."

At that moment, the group hears some rustling and aims their weapons in the direction of an African-American man who begs them not to shoot.  "My name is Lyle," he says, "and I don't want any trouble.  I'm just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse."

Rick asks Lyle if he's been bitten, which he denies, so Rick asks Lyle to hold on for a moment while he conferences with his group about taking in a stranger.  Of course, while the group turns away to conference, Lyle is bitten in the neck by a zombie, played by SNL cast member Tim Robinson.

Rick informs Lyle, "All right, we've decided to let you camp with us tonight, but know this, Lyle -- If you get bitten by a walker, I will not hesitate to kill you."

"Or I'll do it," interrupts Carl.  "I shot my own mom when she was turning into a zombie...and it didn't screw up my head at all."

Lyle thanks the group but begins to growl uncontrollably for a moment, causing the group to aim their weapons once again.  Lyle shrugs off the growl.

"You're one of them," remarks Rick.

"Excuse me?" asks an offended Kyle.  "One of them?  Oh, my God...This is so racist right now!"

Rick quickly and awkwardly denies the accusation.  "No, no, we're not racist.  It just seemed like you were turning into a zombie."

"Oh, okay, I see how it is.  So when someone comes from a different cultural background than you, they're automatically a zombie.  That's what you're telling me?"

Rick continues to deny the accusation of racism and asks Maggie to help their new friend get some water.  Lyle begins to follow Maggie but growls again and starts dragging his left leg.

"Hey, you didn't have a bum leg when we first met you, did you, fella?" asks Daryl suspiciously.

"Okay, you ain't never seen a classic pimp walk before?" replies Lyle.  "It's called swag, son!"  Lyle then proceeds to rotate around to demonstrate and Daryl apologizes for the confusion.

Carl notices that Lyle is eating Maggie by the neck, and after Rick pulls Lyle off of her, Lyle looks around innocently at the others and asks what's wrong.

"You're eating our friend," Daryl responds.

"Oh, okay, I'm sorry, would you rather I just eat some fried chicken or some watermelon?"

Daryl apologizes again, causing Rick to sigh in exasperation.  "Well, we're terrible people."

"Dad, that guy's a zombie," Carl exclaims.  "I mean, come on, he's doing the Thriller dance."

"Carl, Thriller is a very special dance for many African-Americans."

"This is ridiculous, Dad!  His foot fell off!"

"Diabetes," Lyle explains.

"See?  Diabetes," Rick says to Carl.  "Are you embarrassed?  You should be.  Carl, we're going to accept Lyle with all his differences."

At that moment, Lyle growls again and lunges at the group.  "Rrrrr!  White people brains!"

Carl takes out and shoots Lyle through the head.  "Told you he was a zombie."

"Good work, Carl," replies Rick.  "I knew we weren't racists.  Let's move."

The three turns to leave, but Daryl has one final concern.  "Uh, can we discuss the fact that Maggie just died...?"

If you'd like to check out the sketch, you can check out below thanks to Hulu...