26 Years of Attending Mid-Ohio-Cons and THIS Happens

All of the sudden, I'm reminded of the song "1985" by the band Bowling for Soup...

Some of my favorite memories are going to the annual Mid-Ohio-Con comics and sci-fi convention, ever since writer/artist John Byrne appeared in 1985 at the Richland County Fairgrounds in Mansfield just before relaunching the post-Crisis Superman for DC Comics.  The con has moved around the state of Ohio and has had different dates throughout the fall, but apart from the few years I lived in Florida in the early '90s, I've always made a point to go no matter what.  I've seen and met a number of legendary comics creators, bought an insane amount of comics and the occasional bootleg video (allegedly), and taken solace in the knowledge that I can spend at least one weekend out of the year doing something that I love.

And now, through another strange, wibbly-wobbly universal anomaly, I'm actually appearing at Mid-Ohio-Con (excuse me, now Mid-Ohio Comic Con) as a guest.  Madness.

So I imagine it will only be slightly, kinda-sorta, absolutely, positively bizarre to be sitting on the other side of the table signing someone's comic instead of asking to have one or two signed signed for me.  I did a Barnes & Noble book signing years ago for my Star Trek: Strange New Worlds short story, "Doctors Three," but dealing with a convention crowd is something else entirely.

If you're interested in checking out the potential trainwreck, you can find more information here at the official site, and be sure to block out October 22 and 23 on your 2011 calendar.  I'll be there at the Greater Columbus Convention Center to sign copies of my Generator Rex stories for DC Comics' Cartoon Network Action Pack and probably go on at length about the TV series Doctor Who to anyone foolish enough to ask me about it.  Hope to see you there!
Posted on April 7, 2011 .