Image Comics (Rekindling My Love of Comics)

Image Comics

Rekindling My Love of Comics

by Phil Perich for the Capes and Lunatics Blog


If you’ve been reading this blog for the last few weeks or any of my previous writings, you know I am a big fan of Marvel and DC Comics.  But over the years there have been occasions where I have discovered wonderful works of comics from Image Comics. 



In 1997 after seeing the Spawn movie with my friends I went in search of any and all Spawn comics and found them vastly superior to the movie.  While the series began with government assassin Al Simmons dying and going to Hell and gaining dark powers, the series has evolved.  While still retaining his powers, Spawn seems closer to a super hero series now more than ever. 


Walking Dead

Years later, my wife Danielle and I would check out this new show I heard about, the Walking Dead.  Not long after we got hooked on the show my wife bought me two Walking Dead compendiums and again I was hooked.  I bought the missing issues and now I enter the zombie apocalypse every month with Rick and the gang.  Depending on the day my opinion constantly shifts between which is better, the comic series or the TV show.


Renato Jones

Within the last year I have had the privilege to interview writer/artist/director Kaare Andrews. In our first interview we discussed his work at Marvel Comics and his career. You can hear that interview here:

After our first talk, I checked out Kaare’s creator owned book Renato Jones.  This was the story of a man who had found a way to sneak into the “one percent” and pretend to be one of them but meanwhile in the guise of the masked “Freelancer” hunts down the worst examples of the world’s wealthiest.  Our second interview delved into Kaare’s original anti-hero and Kaare’s own thoughts on the creative process. I can’t recommend listening to that conversation enough. You can do so here:



Just this weekend I went to a big comic book sale and found yet another Image masterpiece.  As if Robert Kirkman wasn’t already successful with his Walking Dead franchise, he has definitely hit another home run with his comic series Invincible.  While I was only able to find one trade paperback collecting four issues, I am already hooked.  Invincible is the story of Mark Grayson, a boy who discovers his father is not only an alien but Earth’s mightiest hero.  At age 17, Mark discovers he has inherited some of his father’s powers.  Without spoiling anything, Kirkman takes classic story ideas and plot lines from classic comics and gives them fresh, modern, different takes.  My new mission is to read every issue, either in single issue or collected form.  It broke my heart to discover that Kirkman has announced that issue #144 will be the final issue.  Like most Walking Dead fans, if I had the chance to talk to Mister Kirkman I’d love to discuss his zombie franchise.  But if I had to choose between the two I’d rather sit down and chat with him about his other masterpiece, Invincible. 


So in closing i’d just like to thank Todd Mcfarlane, Robert Kirkman and Kaare Andrews for creating fresh, new, and entertaining comic universes for all of us to enjoy that aren’t run and controlled by big media corporations.  Your characters can go their own way, anywhere your brilliant minds can imagine.  No limits!  And don’t worry Erik Larsen, I also bought a stack of Savage Dragon this weekend also, which I’m about to dive into soon and fall in love with I’m sure.

Anyone else have any recommendations? What are YOUR favorite comic series that aren’t published by the “Big 2”?  Let me know! &


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