WeKnowGames.com Podcast  If there is one word in the English language that perfectly describes Brandon, it's "Geek" through and through. Beginning at the tender age of two, video games have been a central focus and passion for the owner and Editor-In-Chief of WeKnowGames.com - and as a writer and industry analyst, he loves few things more than intelligent discussion and debate about his favorite medium. Brandon also loves movies, comics and fitness, and during the warmer months in Michigan can be found on a mountain bike just as often as in front of his favorite classic video games.

As a freelance writer, Brandon has contributed to the likes of GamesAreFun.com, GamePro and Hardcore Gamer Magazine. After many years of writing freelance as a hobby, Brandon started WeKnowGames.com in 2010 to showcase unique and outspoken material focused on the video game industry. His ultimate goal is to challenge the traditional role of a video game publication as an extension of games publishers PR departments, and focuses on the opinions and experiences of the staff rather than review scores and fluff. Brandon is also housebroken.