Two Face Batman Action Figure Review

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This action figure comes from DC Direct released in 2010. This combines my favorite of Batman’s rogue gallery, being Two Face and what it would look like if Harvey Dent was to take over as the Caped Crusader. What is not to love about that? For those unfamiliar with the Batman Reborn storyline, sorry spoiler alert, if you intend to go back and read it. Two Face is aware that there is a new person under the cowl replacing the Batman he knew and respected, he breaks into the Bat Cave to confront what he believes is an unworthy new Batman, which has been Dick Grayson since Bruce was missing. Those wanting to check out the story refer back to Batman issue 690 and 691. photo 1

This figure remains one of my favorites as it shows off so many dual visual conflicts that would be prevalent in a Harvey Dent made Batman costume. First thing is the bold half red and half blue of the uniform and cowl. Closer inspection of the costume also shows that the utility belt has one side of capsules and the other side as pouches, this is a great nod to the best variations of the utility belt throughout the years.The figure comes with two standard Two Face items which is his handgun and his coin in his left hand.

This representation of both profiles of this figure, shown below, is to let you see the red and blue side contrast or the different facial profiles which are what makes the conflicting profiles of Harvey Dent. I imagine if Harvey would be taking over as the vigilante and protecting Gotham you may have to win a coin flip if you are to be saved by him or possibly if you were an evil doer would have your fate of being captured or killed decided on the spot. Which makes him a great villain but not exactly a Batman you would want protecting you.

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A close up look of his face shows us exactly what you would want to see from the smooth sculpted side as a contrast to a seemingly scarred by acid other side. The cowl also properly depicts a wider open eye of the scarred side along with exaggerated open mouth to give the indication of Harvey’s missing lips. The chest emblem on the figure is very different than the comic book source material along with the duality of the utility belt mentioned earlier but if you can overlook these inconsistencies there is no reason not to enjoy this great action figure.

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Why is this figure cool to me?

Two Face as a Batman rogue continues to be my favorite, I believe this is due to the reason that I relate on a personal basis of always trying to understand both sides of any situation. I may not fully agree with all sides of a given situation and in some cases a coin flip would be way easier to make a decision in real life situations. Having read the Batman Reborn story line and loving the idea of a Two Face Batman, I had to take the opportunity to add this as an addition to my toy collection. I have been so enamored with this concept I have commissioned various artists to provide their depiction of Two Face Batman. Also, if I had talent and opportunity to create a cosplay costume to wear at conventions, I would be all in for this one, no coin flip needed.

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