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Carmine Falcone Nothing’s more important than (the) family

Wow, it’s getting real on Gotham lately, especially with Falcone.  Who is Carmine Falcone?  He first appeared in Frank Miller’s classic Batman: Year One storyline which was a flashback to Batman’s first few months in Gotham City.  In Batman #404 (1987), Carmine “The Roman” Falcone was attending a dinner party with some of Gotham’s most influential including Police Commissioner Loeb...

Damian Wayne (Son of a…)

It’s been awhile since I’ve discussed a character from the comics that hasn’t appeared on the Gotham show.  Let’s continue the Robin series!  The 4th Robin is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, one of the daughters of Batman enemy Ra’s al Ghul (see last week’s blog post).  Damian first appears as an infant in the story Batman: Son of the Demon (1987).  Batman believes Talia to have had a...

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Jason Todd (Red headed stepchild or just #2?)

This week focus is on Jason Todd, the second Robin.  Jason first appeared in Batman #357 (March 1983).  At this point, he had an identical origin to Dick Grayson.  Jason was the son of circus acrobats that were killed by a criminal seeking protection money.  The red haired boy was taken in and trained by Batman, then decided to dye his hair black so the public would assume he was the first Robin.  Jason did not

Batman & Me

My name is Phil Perich and you may have heard me on the Before the Bat: The Gotham Podcast so you may have some idea of my love of all things Batman.  You’ll see any and all things about Batman here every week, whatever pops into my head about Batman and...