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Batman Incorporated (Would you like a side of justice with it?)

It was towards the end of 2010, Bruce Wayne had just come back from certain death (a body had been discovered at the end of Final Crisis that Superman verified was Batman).  Dick Grayson (NIghtwing) had taken on the role of Batman in his absence.  So how do you decide who’s Batman?  You don’t!  If you're  Bruce Wayne you not only have 2 Batmans (Batmen?), you hold a press conference to announce that you are the financial backer behind Batman.  You also announce that “Batman” is starting an international crime fighting force under the banner of “Batman Incorporated”.  All this, the brain child of writer Grant Morrison, took place in the final pages of Batman & Robin #16 (November 2010). 

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

I’m sure all you real Batman fans saw the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice teaser trailer recently.  You may be saying “Why are Batman and Superman fighting?”  or “Why is Batman (or Batfleck) wearing that armor?”  Many of us recognize that at least some inspiration for this movie must come from the 1986 Frank Miller story Batman the Dark Knight Returns.   

The 4 issue miniseries was set in a possible future (In the pre-New 52 continuity, this story was set on Earth 31).  The story begins with a now 55 year old Bruce Wayne, now retired from crime fighting for 10 years.

Stephanie Brown (She’s not spoiled)

Stephanie first appeared as the costumed vigilante Spoiler to foil a plot by her newly released from prison father who was known as the Cluemaster.  Stephanie would keep going out at nights even after her father’s return to prison.  Batman had objections to “amateurs” working in Gotham, but Stephanie had started to develop a crush on the Robin at the time, Tim Drake.At the time, Stephanie’s advances were not returned, as Tim had a girlfriend he went to school with.  Eventaully, feeling scorned and rejected...

Renee Montoya (What’s the 2nd question)

So where has Montoya been on Gotham for the last few weeks?  She needs to return, she is an important character in the Batman legend.  The character of Renee Montoya was created for the 1992 Batman Animated series but was introduced preemptively in the comics in Batman #475.  Montoya is quickly promoted to detective and is partnered with Harvey Bullock in both the comics and the animated series.  After Bullock is promoted to Lieutenant in the comics, Montoya is becomes partners with Crispus Allen.  In the “Officer Down” storyline, Montoya is angered by a murder attempt on Commissioner James Gordon’s life...

Leslie Thompkins (Physician heal thyself…and Gotham)

So what did everyone think of Gotham’s first episode back (Rogues’ Gallery)?  What about Dr. Leslie Thompkins?  She plays a big part in the Batman legend.  Leslie Thompkins first appeared in Detective Comics #457 (March 1976).  A close friend and colleague of Bruce Wayne’s father Thomas, Leslie Thompkins was not only there for Bruce the night his parents were murdered, but would become a kind of surrogate mother figure to Bruce.  Even though Batman would visit her for years on the anniversary of the Wayne murders, Dr. Thompkins would not discover his identity until...