Firefly (Like a moth to a flame)


(like a moth to a flame)

by Phil Perich for the Before the Bat podcast

Who is Batman villain known as Firefly? There have been at least 2 versions in DC comics, aversion on the TV show Arrow, and an upcoming version on the Gotham TV show.  Right now we are just going to focus on the best known comic book version and the TV versions.  The first and best known version of Firefly was Garfield Lynns, a former special effects expert turned pyromaniac. Lynns first appeared in Detective Comics #184 (June 1952). 

In his first appearance, Batman and Robin mistakenly chase after a firefly, believing the light to be from Lynns’ cigarette.  This inspires the petty crook to adopt the persona of Firefly.  In modern telling of Firefly story’s, he uses fire as his weapon with none of his former fighting effects.  In the 1992 Knightfall storyline, Lynns escapes from Arkham Asylum with the rest of the inmates. Lynns then goes on a rampage, burning down movie theaters and the Gotham Zoo, seeking revenge by burning down all the places his foster families never took him until he wasdefeated by Batman.

Firefly would also battle Batman’s allies Nightwing and Robin numerous times as well, such as the time he battled both and was burned over 90 percent of his body after a blaze he starts causes a chemical factory to explode.

Lynns’ equipment usually included an insulated suit, flamethrowers, grenade launchers, incendiary devices, and jetpacks. 

After DC Comics New 52 reboot, Garfield Lynns is only a scapegoat who is framed by the new version of Firefly, Ted Carson.  Carson, a former high school teacher, attempts to incinerate anything and everything that will keep him away from his ex-girlfriend, Cindy Cooke. He is defeated by Nightwing and Batgirl.

A version of the Garfield Lynns Firefly appeared in the season 1 episode of Arrow titled Burned.  Garfield Lynns is portrayed here as a former firefighter who was left for dead and goes seeking revenge.  He was portrayed menacingly by actor Andrew Dunbar.

And finally, a new version of Firefly is set to appear on season 2 of Gotham.  This time, the character will be a young woman named Bridget Pike, who’s brother is the leader of a team of arsonists.  This Firefly will be portrayed by Michelle Veintimilla.

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