Abattoir & the Maniaxe

Abattoir & the Maniaxe

(crazy vs crazy)

by Phil Perich for the Before the Bat podcast

I’m going to try to hit a few topics this week, the origin of the Maniax (or Maniaxe in the comics), a character who I think should appear on Gotham, which actor could play him, and the connection between the two. First point: the character I think should appear, Abattoir.  Why? Because he’s a creepy serial killer who has no superpowers so the character would be easy to pull off.  Abattoir, real name Arnold Etchison, first appeared in Detective Comics #625 (January 1991). 

Abattoir was a canniballistic serial killer who targeted his family members.  He believed his family was evil and that he gained power by absorbing their “life force” when he killed and ate them.  He was apprehended two times by Batman (Bruce Wayne) and sent to Arkham Asylum.  During the Knightfall storyline, Abattoir escaped with all the other Arkham inmates when they were set free by the villain Bane.  After his escape, Abattoir captured his cousin Graham Etchinson.  Abattoir placed him in a torture device that killed him slowly over days.  During this time, Graham’s father put a bounty out on Abattoir’s head which was sought after by every mercenary and bounty hunter in or near Gotham.  One such group was known as the Maniaxe. They caused a lot of havoc in Gotham before they were stopped by Jean Paul Valley who was filling in for Bruce Wayne after his back was broken by Bane.  Jean Paul encountered and stopped the Maniaxe in their only appearance in Batman #506-#507 (April-May 1994). 

Although the Maniaxe never found Abattoir, Jean Paul Valley did.  This brutal version of Batman left Abattoir to die from a plunge into a vat of molten steel after the two battle in a steel factory in Batman #508 (June 1994).  

Not only did Jean Paul let Abattoir die, but since Abattoir was the only person who knew the whereabouts of Graham Etchinson, the innocent man died also.  This was the major reason Bruce Wayne decided to return as Batman rather than retire.  Abattoir would still be seen a few more times over the years, such as a ghost in one appearance and a zombie reanimated by a Black Lantern ring in the Blackest Night storyline.

And so to my last point. I said Abattoir should be on Gotham and I knew who should portray him.  Recently I saw someone who expressed an interest in being on Gotham and that’s when Abattoir popped into my head.  Who is it? I think the perfect fit for this creepy killer is none other than singer Marilyn Manson, who as I said has expressed an interest in being on Gotham.

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