80's Crushes

Do you remember your first crush?  I do.  I was 6 years old and there was a boy in our neighborhood that would pass by our window everyday.  He was very handsome, but for some reason, always got in trouble.  I found out later that he was a member of a gang and had authority issues.  That and he was 12.  My brother told me I was too young to get mixed up with someone like that.  Of course being 6 probably had a lot to do with it.

When I turned 7 I decided to cast my affections elsewhere, to someone a bit safer and more entertaining.  It was when I had started to watch The Monkees on television and I saw the most beautiful and well mannered albeit older young man.  Davy Jones.  I was completely and utterly in love, every week.  He was lively and talented and he had the most awesome British accent.  Sigh.

As we fast forward to adulthood, I had several different crushes, on people in real life and those that I was introduced to via media.  Music, movies and television to me had the safest of crushes.  You liked them, they didn't know you and you could quietly confess your undying love for them in the privacy of your home.  Unless you went to a concert and shouted at the top of your lungs "I Love You!" along with 10,000 other screaming women.  Good Times!

We recently did a podcast, Dave, Cheryl and Myself, and spoke about our top 3 crushes.  It was quite enlightening to not only learn about other people's preferences, but how you remember your own past and those who occupied it via your subconscious.

I mentioned several gentlemen and gave a few others honorable mentions, but there was one that I forgot, and I can't imagine why I forgot him, as he was such an integral part of my movie watching.  I blame my age, forgetting things.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

John Cusack.  I don't exactly remember the first movie I saw him in.  It might have been A Sure Thing, or One Crazy Summer, or Better Off Dead.  Regardless of which one it was, I fell, hook line and sinker.  


I think it's the black hair.  I love black hair.  He has black eyes as well.  Fabulous combination. He has a very snarky way about him.  I love a smart aleck.  Truth be told, that was the reason I married my husband, he's an excellent smart aleck.  Oh and if you are wondering if my husband tolerates my fondness for Mr. Cusack, I don't think he does.  To give you an example of his tolerance, he told me the only reason that he likes the movie 2012 is because John's character dies at the end. (spoiler alert)


But having said that, I'm not deterred in any way.  Even now, with every movie I watch that he does, even as he has aged, I still smile and appreciate him for his talent and activism and his general amazing knowledge of the world around him.  Did anyone see him in Love and Mercy where he played the more recent version of Brian Wilson? Paul Dano played the younger version and the transition between that two ages were seamless.  That takes awesome skill.


So there you have it (a letter opener)  80's Crush confessed, 80's Crush remembered, 80's Crush still appreciated now.  I would love to hear your comments and perhaps even some of your crushes.  I have the pleasure of working with a great group of folks that have provided their own 80's crushes via podcast and blogs, please see their links below.  

Thank you all again, and have an amazing whatever. 



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Posted on February 23, 2017 .