Time Capsule - The Year 1985

by Dave (Twitter - @80sReboot)

Here are our podcast offerings to cover a plethora of 1985 topics. 

The Movies of 1985 Dave, Matt, and Tim talk about the movies of 1985. Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club, Commando, Real Genius, and even Pee-Wee's Big Adventure are discussed.

Oscar Movies of 1985 Matt and Jesse talk about the Oscar nominated movies of 1985 and their picks on what movie should have won.

Top 3 Hard Rock Albums of 1985 Scott and Tim talk about the metal albums of '85!! Another amazing year in hard rock. They also briefly talk about Live Aid, a huge festival that took place on 2 continents on the same day, July 13, 1985! With hard rock bands like Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and a reunion of Led Zeppelin along with many other bands like U2, Phil Collins, Queen and David Bowie.

Grammys of the Year 1985 It's time to recognize that we may not be the world, but Jesse and RoseMarie are ready to use the Power of Love to talk the 1985 Grammy winners.  You won't have to pay money for nothing because no jackets are required and thanks to our Brothers in Arm Rob and Dave this podcast is free! 

1985 News Headlines

1985 Television Shows

1985 Cartoons

1985 was a magical year for this young man. I was in my fourteenth year of my life and TV and movies were just absolutely rock solid. Way too many to name but there is a special place in my heart for Thundercats, so much so that when we launched the podcast I knew the first show topic was to be about this great cartoon. If you listened to our PopJoust podcast you know that I believe the Sword of Omens is better than the He-Man sword and I still feel that way despite everyone else on the internet disagreeing with me. Give me "sight beyond sight" any day of the week! Last blog entry I also alluded to a movie, did you catch the reference? "Naked eating a bowl of jell-o" was a line from the movie Real Genius. I was a nerdy, geeky young man but not someone that regularly excelled in educational endeavors and this was due to lack of my willingness to put in the extra work. However, my social circles were filled with those that emulated the mega brain power of Real Genius, Revenge of the Nerds, or WarGames so I had an affection for those type of archetypes in movies and TV because they were like my crew I hung with in my formidable years.

In 1985 I was in a very small town in southern Florida. We had a theater that played a single movie and it rotated on a weekly basis. I enjoyed walking past the theater to look at the two posters out front, one proudly stating Playing Now and the other Coming Soon (essentially next weeks feature). That made life abundantly simple, there wasn't the many choices as there are at modern movie theaters. You liked what they played or you didn't, if you didn't, you simply moved on to something else. Assuming there was a week that the movie wasn't desirable, around the corner was refuge from the reality of small town life. It was essentially a shack that, thinking back to it, was probably not the kind of place I would allow my kids to visit without parental supervision in these modern scary times. But being the 1980s and knowing my Mom worked at the police department, I probably had a stronger sense of "nothing bad will happen to me" than I should have. Inside that big ugly shack looking building was a place that had low overhead lights but housed a collection of very cool light emitting and beeping cabinets called video games. That's right kids, I loved my dumpy looking fantastically awesome home town arcade.

Posted on May 20, 2016 .