Time Capsule - The Year 1983

by Dave (Twitter - @80sReboot)

We advance moving another year forward in the 80s, this time we tackle 1983. As I spotlighted in the previous blog entries we jump right into our unabashed self serving advertisement of the podcasts we put out there for you covering this great year. In the movies of 1983 podcast we started an ongoing thread for a few shows where I got picked on for liking the movie "Valley Girl", it really gags me with a spoon why they did that, you know, like fer sure.

The Movies of 1983
Dave, Tim, Matt, and Nick talk about the movies of 1983. Wargames, National Lampoon's Vacation, Return of the Jedi, The Outsiders, Strange Brew and Valley Girl, they are all covered here and more. 

Top 3 Hard Rock Albums of 1983
Scott, Tim and Chris add another year to the series! It's 1983 and they discuss the direction and branches of "heavy metal" that are starting to form along with their 3 most notable albums from that year.

Oscar Movies of 1983
Matt and Jesse talk about the Oscar nominated movies of 1983 and their picks on what movie should have one.

1983 News Headlines

1983 Television Shows

1983 Cartoons

In 1983, I was as I enjoyed calling myself a preteen this was a fact that I kept announcing to my family at our reunion in Washington state. I remember for some reason this gave me the confidence to announce that my cousin Louis and I would go hang out together and meet "chicks". Of course, that never happened but still didn't stop me from being annoying in some preteen confident for no reason kinda way. I remember having an obsession with the song "Our House" by Madness. I still love the song and never tire of hearing it but I had to listen to it relentlessly when I was at that age, I am sure at the chagrin of my family.

In our TV world in 1983 was the final episode of M.A.S.H., this was a notable event because my Mom introduced this show to me and it hooked me. I enjoyed the Colonel Blake years way more than Colonel Potter but didn't stop me from continuing to watch it. As most people in the world at the time we watched the final episode and it was like saying goodbye to a long time family friend. The cast did change over the years but it was still a must watch for me, put on the theme music now and it takes me back in a small way to those simple days of laying on the carpet in front of the TV. 

Cartoons absolutely blew my 12 year old brain out of the water. G.I. Joe not only gave me action and adventure but also taught me important lessons and as we have been told, "Knowing is half the battle." Not sure what that battle was for a 12 year old preteen boy living in a small town in Florida but at least I was half way there ... to something. Another bit of awesomeness was Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, I wouldn't get involved in playing RPGs until a little later in life but the cartoon was just way cool. Wondering why the kids adapted so quick to their new surroundings and didn't actively find a way to get home. Shouldn't those kids have learned something from the Kidd Video team, wait, that's 1984, right? A cartoon topic for next blog post ... Nice!  

Tell me how I am doing with these time capsule blog entries, what are your thoughts on 1983. Leave us some comments below. 

Posted on April 7, 2016 .