80's Movie Soundtracks Twitter Shout Outs Continued

by co-host Dave (Twitter - @80sReboot)

This is a companion blog entry for our Top 3 80's Movie Soundtracks episode, click the picture below to listen to the podcast.

We recorded this episode on Saturday (Jan 2), this was a bit of an impromptu show as we really didn't have it scheduled beforehand. Scott and I contacted each other and realized we didn't have any obligations that night so we did our version of "Do you want a build a snowman?" but substitute the last word with podcast. We decided we would take care of some podcast administrative stuff and then record a show after that, we contacted Rose and same question and a very quick affirmative answer based on the topic at hand. I decide to send a few tweets so we can get some twitter shout outs for the show. 

First, for co-host Rose (@80sMusicGirl) and one of our awesome twitter followers @Homer_Torelli started this tweet exchange and I am posting this video for both of you to enjoy! You're welcome Rose. :-)

The great thing about this topic based on the tweets received it warrants a part two as there are a lot of great answers and memories from our Twitter followers. Tweet responses came in long after we stopped talking, so we didn't get a chance to give a twitter shout out on the show to all of them so here are the tweets we didn't get to.  

3. Footloose 2. Night of the Comet 1. The Terminator

Don't forget FLASH GORDON!!!!

Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Sixteen Candles, Goonies, Back To The Future, Stand By Me, Valley Girl, Fletch, Purple Rain
Which songs from Fletch?
Bit By Bit, Fletch Theme and Diggin' In are my favorites off that soundtrack.

youtube.com/watch?v=tbcQlI… <---Tops my list

Beverley hills cop, the goonies, platoon

It's "The Lost Boys". This is not even a question that needs asking!

The lost boys, flash gordon


2 more words STAN BUSH

Years ago my mate made me a tape, (yes, a cassette!) of his fave film soundtracks. They were all ace. It had on it...
theme from Capt. Corellis Mandolin, hotel theme from Ghostbusters, a mental Exorcist track, and other I can't recall where from.
I know it isn't a soundtrack in the same way as the others, but Little Shop of Horrors is brilliant too.
Do like a bit of Kenny Loggins!

Best s/t? The Thing!
What song from The Thing?
the one where it’s a bass line with one note that sounds like a heart beat!

Rocky IV. Best workout soundtrack ever

animated transformers #stanbush #yougotthetouch

there ain't no easy way out!

Rocky IV, The Karate Kid, Top Gun

Running Scared, Fletch, Goonies, Ghostbusters

True Stories / Talking Heads

To Live And Die In LA, Club Paradise, Out Of Bounds #80sMovie

#Fame & #Flashdance are up there!

Any fans of the To Live & Die in LA soundtrack? That was the best music Wang Chung ever did.

This is final song from the movie Electric Dreams, typical 80s montage goodness if you haven't viewed it before. My favorite moment in this clip is the DJ that doesn't understand where the music is coming from holding multiple records in his hand as if the answer was in those. 

Also want to make sure you can find the t-shirt mentioned on the show. Very cool representation from an iconic 80s movie with a wonderful soundtrack. The Lost Boys. Click the picture below to purchase.

Feel free to add your favorite 80s Movie Soundtracks in the comments below.

Posted on January 13, 2016 .